Introduction to 'Web-Rate Surgery'

The best surgeons, the best equipment and the best medical care all being the same ; why should the cost of surgery be sky-high in some hospitals ?
Aditya Hospital is run by a family of proud and dedicated medical professionals. We are the 6th generation of doctors. We believe that transparency, honesty and commitment to patients is the need of the hour. Hence, we have packaged all our surgeries, so as to offer you medical - as well as financial security.


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INCLUSIONS* : Registration, File, MRD charges, Pre-op preparation, Medical Fitness, Anaesthetist Fitness, Cardiac Fitness, Cost of Surgery, Room and days of stay as specified in package, Operation Theatre charge, Anaesthesia charges, Oxygen and Anaesthetic gases used in the OT, Anaesthesia ventilator if used, Laproscopy charge, Post-op care and Dressing charges. Also included in the package are the Chief Surgeons fees, Assistant Surgeons fees, Anaesthetist fees and Technical Assistants fees.

EXCLUSIONS* : Medicines, Blood, Diet, Food supplements, Mineral water, Artificial Prosthesis, Mesh and other surgical implants, Biopsy and Histopathology charge, Lab tests for co-morbid illnesses, medical ICU care (if needed), Non-surgical consultations for medical diseases, Ambulance charges, Inter-hospital transfer charges, Chemotherapy & Radiation for cancers, Dialysis, Language Translator, Concierge services, Airport & Train pick-up services.

The above web rate surgeries will be given to any one at the sole discretion of Aditya Hospital.

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