There are FOUR types of admissions :

  • Emergency admission
  • Insurance company approved admissions
  • Routine admissions for surgery and medical treatments
  • Fixed Package Surgeries


When a patient reports to our casualty with an emergency medical condition we start the treatment to secure the patient with no payments whatsoever. The patient is shifted to the ICU and treatment is continued from there. The advance /deposit to be paid to the hospital is collected only later. If the patient has an insurance card, this can also be submitted to us and we will get treatment authorization from the insurance company.


When a person wants an admission using his 'Health Insurance Card', the specialist doctor will first examine him in the out-patient consultation room. Once the doctor writes down the diagnosis and treatment, the patient will report to our front desk (reception) and submit both his insurance card and the doctors notes requesting admission. The patient then goes home and waits. Our insurance desk will handle all the paper work and when approval is received, we will call the patient and request him to get admitted. We will also inform your doctor about the approval and your admission. Insurance approval normally takes 1-2 days. The hospital will directly receive the payment from the insurance company as per the tariff agreement that we have signed with each company. The insurance company will not pay for diet, water, non-medical items, non-drug items, attendant's stay, medical records, xerox charges etc. For this a deposit amount is collected and the patient will have to pay for what the insurance company will not pay.


When the surgery is more complex or is a routine admission surgery, then we cost it and give the patient a package quote for the same. The patient has to pay an advance and then we proceed with the surgery. For routine medical admissions, an advance amount is collected and the patient pays periodic update bills as the treatment proceeds.


The 'fixed-rates' for routine surgeries are uploaded on our website for all to see. These rates do not apply to patients admitted with an insurance card. They are open rates for non-insurance patients and are designed to give all patients financial peace of mind while we deliver good surgical outcomes. These fixed-rates for surgery do not include cost of medicines and lab tests which have to be paid for on a daily basis. This is a 'safety-valve' precaution required for taking into account the presence of various co-morbid conditions which patients may have like diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac disease, asthma etc. This scheme, is our honest attempt to offer patients a control on thier medical expenditure.



The success of any surgery partly depends on the sound 'pre-operative testing' and pre-surgery medical workup that the hospital does. This is done to make sure that the patient is fit to tolerate the surgery. Any undiscovered medical conditions will be unearthed and corrected in advance. Only after ensuring patient safety, will medical clearance for surgery be given. To do this pre-op work up, our hospital has instituted a stringent protocol which will take a minimum of one day. So please get admitted one day in advance to your planned date of surgery.


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